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Zoomaya is a focused investigative system that shows the user’s activity step by step. It helps information security, cyber, risk management, technical support, and site management teams, investigate events that have occurred clearly and quickly by fully monitoring the actions of users using the systems. Once Zoomaya is installed, all operations using the external and/or internal organizational sites (web-based systems) from anywhere in the world (including from cellular) are monitored at the film, video level, to watch in real time and afterwards.

Recording user activity

Zoomaya is capable of monitoring all of the user’s actions step-by-step, down to mouse movement
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indexing and quick search

The information is stored on a relational and fast database. all of the data is indexed to allow quick queries.
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Business rules and notice

Study the user’s activity, set up real-time alerts, and rare event alerts by writing business rules
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Investigate your usage activity

The Zoomaya system is suitable for a variety of departments in your organization

Allows to research events quickly and efficiently
Allows to detect and prevent abnormal processes
Allows to investigate faults and understand the user
Allows examine how users respond to system design and configuration

Adaptation to systems

Zoomaya is suitable for monitoring internal organizational systems such as: employee system, customer management and the like. Monitoring will be performed both when employees connect from within the organization and from outside.
Zoomaya is suitable for monitoring external systems such as: public website, personal information area, external auxiliary systems and more. Monitoring will also be performed if the user has logged in from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

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