Risk Management

The risk management department should always be in complete control of its customer activity and maintain the organization; this challenge requires much investigation of events and control of everything that happens; with the existing platforms, the researchers fail to reach all customers and leave the organization exposed to risks.
With Zoomaya, the researchers will be able to investigate quickly and conveniently to get to all the events.
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A system that is built in a user-friendly configuration increases the number of users and vice versa. To improve visibility and interface, one needs to explore the user experience in the system.
Today's leading platform is a focus group or questionnaires for users, which causes inaccuracies in the findings.
With Zoomaya, researchers will be able to quickly and conveniently research a large number of users and extract accurate findings that will affect the entire characterization of the system.

Data Security

The information security team, dealing with many alerts and a lack of time and workforce, had to check only some of the incidents and alerts. As a result, unexplored actual events can cause security breaches and waste much money on the organization.
With the use of Zoomaya, the investigation time is reduced from a few days to a few minutes. Thus a considerable amount of incidents and alerts can be checked in a short time and very effectively prevent damage to the organizational information strengthen the security mechanisms.


The development department continuously improves the systems. To measure the impact of the changes on the system and the developer users, compare the operation times against the system performance but can not know where the users are having difficulty, what is wrong, and what should be improved.
With Zoomaya, researchers will be able to quickly and conveniently research users' activities so that they can, based on reliable information from the field, improve the system's capabilities.


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